Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall Food and Fall Decor!

Fall food is such a great subject that I could definitely devote more than just a week to it!  With fall food falling out of favor this week (you like that alliteration?) I'll have to leave you with one last image before we switch gears…. 


My husband made his notoriously good chili on Sunday and it did not dissapoint.  We like things to err on the side of spicey 'round these parts and a nice dollop of sour cream and some cornbread helped to soften the effect.  He left out the beans, chose sausage over ground beef (is there a theme here) along with adding a jalapeno and a half to the pot.  He roasted some green peppers beforehand and added them in with the carrots, celery and onion. I came along halfway through, in typical fashion, and doctored it up with some seasoning. We added a bit more cumin, a bay leaf and some honey to round out the spice and VOILA!

Next up on the docket for falltastic-ness is fall decor.   I'm not super dedicated to seasonal decor, except of course for Christmas, so you can count me out for decorating the house at Halloween and Easter. But there are some quintessially fall items that make for wonderfully festive (and non-tacky) decor like pumpkins, gourds and leaves.  I found these pumpkins (you might remember me gushing over them here) at Trader Joe's and after much deliberation on why didn't get them at the time, I ran back one day during lunch and picked some up.  I brought them home and quickly arranged them on my dining room table.  I just love the pop of orange!

What do you like to use when adding falltastic touches to your home?


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