Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fall Decor: Planters!

I believe that there are three key elements that make a room: LIGHTING, RUGS and CHAIRS.  This 'holy trinity' really came to be my focus when decorating my house mainly because of the sheer amount of time I  spend obsessing over each one.  I've been known to look for hours for the perfect fixture or browse aimlessly through rugs both online and in stores, only because when you find the perfect one, you'll find the perfect space.  I could go on and on about covetables in each department, but I'd digress.  I've recently amended the aforementioned trifecta to include PLANTERS, because I also spend an inordinate amount of time looking at planter boxes and vessels. 

I wanted to share my favorite outdoor and indoor planters for fall decor, and any time really.  But fall is one of those seasons, like spring, where we scurry around tidying things up and planting things about. Last weekend, I picked up some dense white mums that really pop in a great planter before I put them in the ground for good.  And of course a topiary is always a good pick to top off a fabulous planter.  I've employed both the pom-pom and the spiral varieties around my property.  They look especially great during the holidays with a string of lights adorning them.

And pumpkins look falltastic in planters, too!

What are you favorite types of planters?


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