Monday, January 9, 2012

Cleaning Up My Act

How are those resolutions treating you so far? A super annoying chest cold has forced me to put Resolution #1 on hold (so no new workout gear yet) but while physically sidelined, I’m not mentally deterred from my goal. Looking forward (yes, really) to getting out for my next run.
While I’ve been forced to stay indoors, home, quarantined from the rest of the world – I’m keeping my second resolution on track.
Resolution #2
A housewife classic, I’m determined to keep my house as close to magazine-ready as is reasonable for the duration of 2012.  The Mr. has pitched my some organizational curveballs but beyond that things have been in tip top shape since the first.  I’ve also been working to track down a good cleaning service to assist in my endeavor – weekly bathroom & living room cleaning, monthly full house. The investment will certainly be worth my sanity.
To help me on this journey I’m going to redo this great chore list that I found on Pinterest (thanks Mindy!) to fit both the rhythm of my household as well as make compensations for that cleaning service I’m searching for (can you believe I’ve left 4 vm’s and send 6 requests via email and NO ONE has gotten back to me?! Tisk Tisk)

I also can’t ignore this gem from back in the day, from The Inspired Room: How I Keep My House “Clean Enough”


Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

With the promise of NYE parties, sequined dresses, a new pair of stilettoes and a kiss at midnight – I still managed to find myself plopped on the couch, snuggled up with my dog. Lame! There may or may not have been a pint of Ben and Jerry’s involved as well ;) Anylamenight, there’s something about the first of the year that gives me (and I’m not alone here) the hope that the slate has been cleaned, wrongs can be righted and I can be anything I want to be in 2012.

That’s correct… it’s resolution time!! As Bethany knows, I can make lists all year long of the magical things I want to accomplish. So here I am with the start of my list. Happy New Year everyone!!! 
Resolution (#1)
It wouldn’t be fair to leave this one out. It’s time to get back into the workout routine and get my grocery list back on track. Day 2 and I’m still doing good J

 Of course I will reward my good progress with new and improved workout gear!

And keep repeating this in my head each morning when I wake up at 5:30am for my first workout of the day.


Monday, December 19, 2011

jonesing for some snow

We had our first snow on Halloween day this year.  Too bad it was just a sprinkling and only left a half-inch cover at the end of the day.  Since then, it's been up and down, hot and cold.  Can it just SNOW already?  I am not about to give up 30 years of dreaming of white Christmases now.  

I just wanna make these:

And run through this:

And then warm up in here:

And wear these:

Instead, it's looking like I'm gonna have to set my tree a-sail and shoot a freakin' arrow of flames into it as it floats off into the distance, and mourn the lack of snow for Christmas.


Monday, December 12, 2011

dresses and NYE parties

If I had somewhere fancy to be for New Year's [and I was rail-thin], this is what I'd wear.

Source: via Bethany on Pinterest

Source: via Bethany on Pinterest
Source: via Bethany on Pinterest


Friday, December 9, 2011


One of our newest followers, TRACEE! 

May this help your holidays to be merry and bright.  Send us a note at to coordinate the shipment of your gift. 

Congrats Tracee and a sincere thank you to Shelly Williams and all of our RHoPWC followers. Happy weekend, all!