Friday, September 30, 2011

Week in Review AND Favorite Etsy Finds

It's time again to find out WHAT WENT DOWN THIS WEEK. 
(non-local blog followers, scroll down for Etsy Faves)

First and probably most important, we have many new followers on our blog!  Welcome everyone, we can't wait to share our inner most ramblings, cravings and obsessions with you.  We like to keep it pretty.  There are plenty of other blogs that share the news and all the bad stuff going on out there.  We chose to write a lifestyle blog filled with pretty pictures, the latest trends and lots of style.  Please join in and share with us, we're thrilled to have you.

#2- I just saw some sweet-ass pumpkin plants at Trader Joe's tonight.  I don't know why I didn't buy them because all I've done is think about them since I left.  They kinda looked like tomato plants at first glance, but such a great idea for a pop of color.

3.  All of the awesomesauce fall sitcoms are back on.  Thank GOD for Modern Family and Parks and Rec.  

4.  Check out the insane list of to-do's in our area this weekend.  I'm fairly certain there's something for everyone. 

     - Old Towne Manassas Fall Jubilee
     - Okra's Louisiana Bistro's Pig Roast

5.  I re-hired my assistant, only to find her sleeping on the job…

Finally, here's the weeks favorite Etsy finds (if you're just tuning in, we can't get enough of

Happy Friday, folks!

- Bethany


  1. I just bought the Lightbulb Aquarium as a birthday gift for my daughter, what a creative idea for a girl that loves fish and a mom that doesn't! She will have something to watch and I won't have to feed it plus it just looks cool! Thanks for the great idea!

  2. Karen - thats so awesome! I was thinking about it for on top of my desk - so let me know when you get it. Such a great idea!