Friday, August 12, 2011

Favorite Finds: Stylish Recycling

My home office reorg continues and so too does my office related favorite finds! While purging myself of the ridiculous stylings I selected 6-years ago (seriously, what was I thinking?!) I’ve been searching for beautiful solutions to my ugly, cluttered office woes.

A serious passion of mine is reducing, reusing, and recycling (yay for good ad campaigns!). I could go nuts talking about this topic but I’ll save that for later because this is a favorite finds post and not a green-rant. But I do hope that all of you are doing your part… a piece of which is recycling your office paper. If you look back at my post Home Wasn’t Build In a Day: Office Part I (yes, I know there’s a terrible spelling error there but I’ve linked this post in so many places that there’s really no turning back now) and check out the pic “Exhibit C. Hell from another view.” That sad brown basket, under the pile of down comforters, was my previous recycling bin. Gag. Because we’re talking about paper recycling we can get creative about the solutions. There’s no liquids or other goo to mess up your bin. And since this needs to live in the home the container should fit your d├ęcor.

If you’ve got a stylish recycling solution we’d love to see it. So please share by leaving a comment.

- Kate

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