Thursday, August 11, 2011

tough as nails

Have you heard about this yet??  Shellac is pretty much the best thing to hit my nails since dirt.  I have been getting shellac done on my claws for a month and a half now and my nails are growing like weeds and are super strong.  Before shellac, my nails were brittle and shell-y and I bit them all the time.  Sound like an infomercial yet?  

Shellac is supposed to last 14 days (if you don't clean horse stalls and dig in the dirt like I do…but it still holds up pretty well) and keeps a glossy coating the entire time.  It doesn't chip or dull - it's AWESOME.  The drawbacks are that it's a bit more expensive than a regular manicure and the colors are limited; and, if your nails start growing like crazy, it grows out quickly. 

I'd recommend it if you can't leave your nails alone or want a high gloss look for an extended period of time!  Kate helped me pick the Barbie Doll pink (see the left of center bottle above), which was a refreshing change from the nude color I had before.  Go get ya nails did, girls.


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  1. Yes I've done this before! But I think for me the drawback was that I couldn't take it off myself (right?).

    I always get pedi's but rarely mani's because of the wear -- I may need to try this again though!