Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Home Wasn't Build In A Day: Office, Part I

So I come to you, hanging my head in shame, with this admission and photos of the disaster that my life has become. Those of you who follow us on facebook may have noticed a trend of bitching from me about the unsettled state of my home décor. Well… it’s not even just the décor. If I’m gonna be completely honest I’ve been living like a slob. My husband has been putting up with this from me (lately) and I of him and now it’s time to do one of my favorite things – create some rules on how to get back on track (Bethany, please stop laughing at me!).

Exhibit A. Red = slobtasticness

We’ve been in our 945 sqft house for 6-years and we bought it as a real fixer upper (I’ll share pics with you in future posts to illustrate the understatement that this is). Like most first-time home buyers we were eager to fix things up to create a place that felt like ours. While we definitely jumped in head-first, over the past year my interest and our time to redo just hasn’t been there. But as I look through all our favorite blogs (see list to the right) I’m feeling inspired and shamed into finishing what we started.

So where to begin? Our home office. This space serves double duty as my hubby’s office, where he thought he’d be running the admin side of his music career (this is actually done from the living room couch); this is also my office, where I manage the household stuff, surf the web and blog. There’s a lot of other hodgepodge in here because, after all, it’s a small house and every room does a bit of multitasking. After a few months of life being turned up-side-down by a family tragedy and packing for a 4th of July trip that turned the man-of-the-house into the incredible hulk (he straight up trashed this room trying to get a suitcase out of the closet to the point of requiring paint touch ups)… oh and the universe's my tendency towards chaos – I give you exhibit B and C

Exhibit B. Hell

Exhibit C. Hell from another view

And now I’m officially kicking off my "Home Wasn't Built In A Day" series so I can share with you the dumbness that I’ve created and hopefully the amazeballs house we (the man and I, not you and me) talked about for years. This inaugural mission has an August 1st deadline… for those of you still reading this that means just over two weeks. I’ve got everything from paint touchups to replacing a door on my task list so this may be aggressive.

Let the obsessing begin.
- Kate


I am sooooo behind. I've got this room all cleaned up but have yet to make any noticable updates beyond that. Hmmm... need to get this done.

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