Tuesday, August 30, 2011

don't likes

I am currently involved in a remedial beach read whilst enjoying vacation and trying to sputter out the last remaining breaths of negativity from home life like a deflating balloon.  In lieu of said book, which starts each chapter with a list (mindful to mention it's not a complete list) of dislikes by the character, I've made a rather cathartic list of my own.  So as to not be redundant (see post on pet peeves here), I'm truly taking note on what I enjoy and what I don't want to tolerate as I get older. Here's todays list:

1. people who are incapable of being 100% honest with themselves
I care if you are dishonest to me, but you're going to suffer way more than I am by not being honest with yourself.

2. snakes

3. "fit" shoes
are those ugly moon shoes REALLY helping tone your thighs?  Supposing they do help even an iota, I don't think the fashion payoff is worth it.

4. people who confuse empathizing with offering up an anecdotal "I know how that feels" or "Oh, I know someone who had that…" quote

5. floor-length denim skirts
needs no explanation

6. unapologetic and unabashed crapping in public restrooms.  
that's always awkward.  i get it, you gotta go when you've gotta go.  but the shameless ones always get me.

7. jars of canned things in a store
I'd gladly accept homemade pickles from Aunt Martha or strawberry preserves from a house guest that poured their heart into them, but I don't want to see canned varieties of fruits and veggies at a proper store.  It feels experimental.  Save it for the farmstanders - it's much more trustworthy coming from them.

8. deformed toe nails.  and I'm not talking about the twisted middle toe that every other person in America inherited from their mother's side.  I'm talking mangled, up-heaved and discolored toe nails.
(yes, they CAN too help it.  no one's holding a gun to their head asking them to sport sandals.)

9. men who wear too much cologne

10. improperly seasoned (usually under seasoned) food
you don't have to use oodles of Maldon flakes like a restaurant chef, just figure out the adequate amount of S&P and the proper herbs to accompany your particular dish 


- Bethany

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