Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Favorite Finds: Photography Fashion

While I’m on the path of prattling on about things I like/love/obsess over, I’m just gonna keep going and take you a long with me. This week’s Favorite Find comes to you from my recent search for my very first digital SLR camera. I love photography and while I think I’ve done a pretty good job snapping my amateur pics with a less than brag-worthy Cannon PowerShot, it’s time for an upgrade.

Like any eager shopper, I’ve also been on the hunt to accessorize said camera once I’ve got it in my hot little hands. I found this amazeballs shop, SizzleStrapz, on Etsy and am completely crushing on everything that’s features.

- Kate

About SizzleStrapz: "We make high quality DSLR camera straps and camera bags for women and men which are geared towards the serious camera fashion photographer in you . We cater to the professional, modern and everyone in between photographer in you, to make you feel comfortable and bold behind the lense. "

Some of my photos


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  2. Thanks Fash Boulevard! Love your blog - following immediately!!!! We need some LA fashion, full of real personality, to travel over here to the DC/Maryland/Virginia (aka DMV) streets.

    - Kate
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