Thursday, July 14, 2011

It's All in the Jeans

I just ran across a picture while blog surfing of a lady gardening and she had on the best jeans!  It happened to be Sarah from A Beach Cottage, who many of you know as your gateway drug into the DIY and thrifting-chic world of design blogs. Her jeans were perfectly 'washed' and fit like a glove and before I knew it, I caught myself daydreaming about denim and wondering if they were her favorite pair?

There's nothing better than your favorite pair of well-worn perfect fitting jeans.  In fact, I can't wait to reach my goal size and take a trip to buy some great jeans.  And before you go thinking I'm talking about a $300 pair of jeans, I'm actually longing for a pair of Long and Leans from Gap.  If I had my druthers (and maybe I will when I can maintain a size I'm happy with one day) I'd have a nice portfolio of jeans to choose from for any occasion.  First off, and probably most important, are my weekend jeans. I'd like those to be just the right flare leg with a medium blue sandblast wash.  Next up is a pair of skinny jeans that hits just below the ankle to wear with a pair of flats.  Then I'd like a pair of dark trousers with a two-inch cuff, to wear to work with a crisp white button-down.  Lastly, I'd like a pair of skin-hugging dark dark dark skinny jeans with a cute slit or zipper on the side to wear out on the town or with a great blazer and heels.  Channeling Kate Moss minus the leather (and the track marks) ...

What's your favorite pair of jeans?

- Bethany

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