Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Card 2010

Getting a proverbial nudge from Caroline at the Feminist Housewife , I got the courage to post our holiday card for 2010 since all but some were sent out last week. OMG, can you BELIEVE Christmas is this week???

It was not in the cards (er, wallet) for us to have a professional shoot but we wanted to sit in front of our new home and pose with the bulldog. I had my mom come by and take 90 pictures of us doing various things and could only find one that was socially acceptable/not completely skewed to send along.

For 2011 Christmas ideas, visit Karli at Dimpleprints, whom I found on [what else but] For a minimal fee, she arranged our photo in the background of my choice. Love her. I sent the file along to Walmart (you can print on your machine if fancy enough or send to your photo lab of choice) to print out. Easy peasy - that's the way *uh huh, uh huh* I like it!

Karli's fee: $13.95

Walmart charge for 40 photos: $41.95

Total: 55.90

(Ok, so I may have spent a little less using the holiday cards I scored at the after-Christmas sale last year, but this is sooooo much better.)

Merry Christmas from The Housewives!

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  1. Love dimple prints...would love to see the rejected shots! Fun to have found your blog via your email! Janell