Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday = Sappy Saturday

This is the first year I wasn't one of the hoards of voluntarily insane folks waiting in line to get a piece of the Black Friday pie! I think I was too stuffed from the pumpkin, pecan and apple crumble pie the night before. In years past, 4 to be exact, I always had a TV to purchase. As I'm sure you can relate, my husband has TV envy and is always wanting/looking for the next best thing. Last year - I waited at Costco (luckily they don't even open until 9am) for three hours to get an awesome deal on a 37" flat screen for our bedroom. The year before, I was at Walmart at 2am to get a 42" flat screen for our living room, and the year before THAT, I purchased our very first 22" flat screen from Target having only started out at 4am. This year, we are all set on TVs. I combed the ads and didn't see a thing of interest - except maybe a memory foam mattress pad at Kohl's for our guest room, or a gel pad for the kitchen. Not enough to make me fight the crowds. So I am totally blue today, feeling like I missed out on all the deals to be had, especially as I get my daily dose of Facebook.

Let me live vicariously through you -- what did you get on a super Black Friday deal?!??


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  1. I didn't go out for any shopping but I did pay it forward. I placed a 37" tv a the end of my driveway with a free sign (I couldn't give the thing away on Craigslist). Sure enough, an hour later a car pulled in the driveway and loaded up that cluncky tv.

    I'd like to wish an early merry xmas to that PWC'er who got the deal of the day :)