Wednesday, December 1, 2010


The wonderful and creative folks at have made holiday gift-giving so much more personal and creative this year! Plus, the prices are dictated by the individual shop owners, not by a Suggested Retail Price or by margin or markup. I feel so good supporting artisans and their crafts and my wallet thanks me, too, because it's so affordable!

Here are some of our favorite gifts for 2010:

Did you happen to see these super cute geometric print porcelain's in a recent copy of House Beautiful?? Jill Rosenwald has a shop on ETSY! This $68 cylinder would be great as a vase or a pencil holder for a styled office.

If you picked up the December Better Homes and Gardens and saw our local designer celeb, Lauren Liess, you might have noticed her offbeat personalized stockings for $45!

These adorable Monster Stockings that are great for the kids and are only $8.50!

For more great kiddie gift ideas, check out Bryn's Etsy Christmas post!

This cutesy ETSY stocking is a tres chic burlap number for $32.

Or these reused coffee sacks - two for $18

And you can get a matching burlap tree skirt for $35.

I'd definitely rock this rock in fact, I'm DREAAAMING of this glorious amethyst ring! Though not the season to spend $64.50 on myself but it sure is a great find!.

And I'll have the $26 Labradorite earrings to go with my new finger bling.

If you have some favorite childhood roads or places you've traveled to with a very special person, one of these bus signs would be a rad gift to embody your memories. Personalize it with whatever you want starting at $195

There are some schamazing deals on custom pillows on ETSY, check out this leopard print one for $38.

This AWESOME custom papery site has come in handy for me this year! I've already ordered custom stationary, gift tags and book marks from PIXELIMPRESS.

Anyone out there giving a Kindle or an iPhone/iPad for Christmas? These covers are totally bangin and there are many many options for colors and prints.

If you've got a special baby girl on your list this year, here's an adorable headband for only $10.95 with an equally great cause! A local PWC gal makes these cutesy children's accessories and profits from her wares goes to the March of Dimes. Check out Honey and Child on ETSY!

How about a custom address plaque for someone who recently purchased a new home or is trying to spruce up the one they've got?? I've used this ETSY shop for mine and was totally happy with the outcome. Look at this name plaque for $49!

These melamine platters are only $28! Who couldn't use a bar tray with their initials?

Any pets on your list? Here are some ideas to honor woman's best friend:
Personalized water dish for $19.50

And these festive collars for $20 (for a large) are a great stocking stuffer.
HAPPY HOLIDAYS ALL! Check out for some great ideas. I know I could spend hours and $$ there!
- Bethany
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  1. WONDERFUL tips!!!! love it- Happy Holidays to all

  2. LOVE that vase! That reminds me I need to browse Etsy more. Thanks for stopping by today - yes to Porter Teleo!

  3. I am loving all of these!!! The vase is so cute - as is the headband.

  4. thanks for showing off my vase..i am truly flattered!