Thursday, March 11, 2010

"No Dumping Here"

My fellow 'Real Housewife' just entered the home-stretch on her new kitchen "reno" and with it came a truckload of waste. We have been planning a trip to the Price William Co. landfill, aka "The Dump" since early February, but the 'Snowpocalypse' put a bit of a kink in our plan. We needed to clear out her backyard of the no-good and now rotting cabinets and old rusted out sink, so she could enjoy the new growth starting to pop up all around us, with the onset of spring (knock-on-wood) just around the corner.

We got an early start last Saturday, meeting up at Kate's house around 8am. I say "around" because I can't be held accountable within 15 minutes of a predetermined time on a Saturday! I offered my services and my the use of my Dad's old beat-up Toyota truck to transport the "goods." En route to Kate's house, a whopping 2 miles from my starting point, I had already strained all of my arm muscles from the lack of power-steering in the 'Yota. Poor ole thing - doesn't even have a sub-phylum name, it pre-dates the Tacoma. At any rate, I manhandle the wheel to make the right turn in to her driveway and we load up the bed. We were running at about 85% capacity, but could have fit another cabinet if we had to.

Flying down Rt. 234, it feels as if my paperweight of a truck is doing pretty good, with a full tank of gas and a full bed of junk. Once we get to the dump, we line up to enter the disposal areas (can you believe people are lining up to dump their trash at 8:30am?! I didn't know this was the place to be, but then again, this was my first official trip to the dump as an adult, so I shouldn't be expected to know that domesticated Americans go to the dump on Saturday mornings). Immediately after jamming the parking brake in place, we hop out - camera in hand, to take some candids of ye ole' dump. People must have thought we were out of our gourds... who needs to document the disposal process? We did (and we thought it may make excellent visuals for our latest blog post, too)!!! We emptied the bed of the truck with a bit too much enthusiasm, tossing each piece over the edge of the dock with real gusto and determination. We were determined to feel empowered this day. Last on the list was a pit stop over at the "Too Good To Waste" pile, where the attendant showed us where to drop off Kate's former kitchen sink. All in all - a successful trip to the trash heap.

Moral of this story.....two fun-loving PWC girls for hire! :)


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