Tuesday, March 23, 2010

smelling the seasons

I love the way certain smells and sounds bring back memories. I think we all rely so heavily on our senses, but smells and sounds rank the highest for me. Every time I went through a break-up prior to meeting my wonderful hubby, I couldn't listen to the radio until I was good and over it. I couldn't take the chance of running in to a sappy love song that pulled at my heart strings, just when I was feeling somewhat stable for a moment. I also love how we can relate a smell to a person or a feeling. I used to lease a horse from this wonderful lady named Bonnie, when I was growing up, and she used to wear "Wings" perfume. I once went to a horse-show years later, and caught the smell of Bonnie in the air and told my mom it smelled like her. Just as I turned around... she was approaching us.

Now, as I step outside each morning, I think of Easter and Spring. Something about the smell of rain and crisp but dewy mornings remind me of Easter egg hunting in the March, sometimes April mornings. A hint of worms and dirt lingers after a hard rain, and it all brings Spring to my senses. I love the buds appearing on the trees and the lime tint to the seedlings popping up everywhere. All of these sensory details wrapped up in a basket with fake Easter grass and a sprinkling of Cadbury Eggs is leading the way to summer, and that's what's so exciting. After the hard winter we had here in Prince William County, BRING IT ON, summer!

What smells evoke your emotions??


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