Tuesday, March 9, 2010

a girl can dream, can't she?

I find myself preferring the company of a great magazine to the drone of the boob tube. I love to wander (and rewander) through decor magazines and dream about my potential pad. Given the current situation (for those of you who don't know - it's 10 months with the in-laws camping out in the room above the garage and 8 months into a short-sale contract which shows no mercy in sight), I can't be sure when I'll land in my own home, but a girl can dream. And my magazines give me just that. And to give you a clue as to how much I looooooooove said magazines, I spent about $120 over the course of the "Snowpocalype of 2010" on these puppies. Here's my brainstorm of must-haves and current themes to copy. I am totally aware how trendy some items, but these top my charts:

  • the ever-present Diptyque candle

    (try L'Artisan candles for a shift - unbelievable scents)

  • chic tray for alcohol and bar accessories

    (Target has a great mirrored tray that my mom just got, for a whopping $29! Looks like it's worth at least three times that)

  • awesome shower curtins

(yep - my husband would veto this faster than "pink" things, Anthropologie.com)

  • prayer table (console)

    (the one I had in mind was at Luckett's Store for about 4 months and last weekend when I went - it was gone!! here is a rendition circa 4 years ago from Pier One).

  • move from sisal and jute to more elaborate rugs

    (I know what you are thinking, awesome rug, but you're husband would kill you - yeah, mine too! horchow.com)

  • cashmere throws

    (this is a steal at Anthropologie, 'cuz it's just cotton, but compared to the cashmere version for $248 at Garnet Hill!, I'll take it! )

  • criss-cross benches at the end of the bed

    (these Parsons stools from Ballard Designs are perfect for customizing!)
  • garden seats galore

( check out White Bench in Middleburg - awesome selection of wares, especially garden seats!)

  • luxe linens

(Garnet Hill is one of my FAVES, I'm saving my pittance for these Silk Comforters)

  • swedish clock

(compliments of Traditional Home magazine)

While I dream of nesting, this will have to serve as my whiteboard of coveted items and personal interpretation of the popular items. My fingers are crossed every day that I hear something on the home we've been waiting on. I sure will have some great ideas by them.

Visionaries and brick & mortar 'staples' that encourage my addictions:


Ballard Designs

Garnet Hill

The Mod Cottage, Rehoboth Beach, De


Restoration Hardware


Lucketts Store

White Bench


Stan Kelley Interiors

PureStyle - and Laura Liess!

Kelly Wearstler

Charlotte Moss

Japanesque, Bethany Beach, De

Blue Mercury, Georgetown

Off to the real dreams now... G'night fellow Bloggers!


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