Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Frugal Fashionista

One of my favorite times of the month is when the stacks of new catalogs start hit’n the mailbox. All those wonderful new styles, colors, textures and all around must have items – there’re just so many items I love. The reality is, I’m a Prince William County housewife not an Orange County housewife and that means being a smart shopper.

Now I’ve gotta brag about my latest purchase, some cute loungewear for hang’n around at the house. I need to give credit where credit’s due - the Garnett Hill catalog delivered my inspiration. With a turn of a page I spotted a fantastic combination of Ugg boots, black cropped leggings, a ruched white tunic and long gray cardigan. Oh so simple and cozy. I tore the page out and added it to my wish list folder. With a total cost of $458 I knew that there was no way I could justify spending that much on what is essentially glorified pajamas.

In my quest to shop smart I try not to buy clothes unless they fill a need in my wardrobe. Yes, we all love to pick up that shirt or pair of shoes that are just too cute to pass up but for the most part I keep the balance between the wants and needs. It was as I was at a loss for something to… well lounge around the house in along with an upcoming girls’ only weekend that prompted me to pull out that magazine clipping and slide it into my purse.

Though my inspired outfit featured the classic short UGG I opted for a DSW slipper version of UGG’s gray ‘Cardy’ classic. At $20 I knew they fit my budget, would be great for kick’n around the house and quick trips in the yard with the dog (yes, they have hard soles). Three birds, one stone. The rest came to me at Gap. I’ve gotta hand it to the sales people at the store I visited. I turned over my magazine tear out to them and off we went rounding up all my goodies. Black leggings – check. White boyfriend tee – check. Long gray cardigan – check. It was all there! Throw in an extra pair of leggings (blue) and a blue & white striped camisole with the neckline trimmed in yellow and I walked out with a few options for my outfit for under $100.

That’s one less clipping in my wish list folder. But with the new Pottery Barn catalog awaiting my review I know I’ll be replacing it in about 5 minutes.


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