Monday, November 14, 2011

Knot A Problem

The weather certainly has gotten chilly out but indoors is nice and cozy at my house due to our fantastic pellet stove. There’s the warm glow of fire in our living room. Add knit throws and some additional candle light and we’ve got ourselves an inspired retreat away from the frost, falling leaves and crisp winds. It’s reminding me that winter is nothing to fear with a setup like this.

This setup is not without its drawbacks however. Because we count on this one heat source to warm up our little 945 sqft cottage (ok, it’s a rambler – but a girl can dream) that means leaving doors open or suffer a numbing temperature in whatever room’s been closed off. Our biggest challenge – the bathroom. With a bathroom just off the living room, we’ve got a glorious view of the toilet if we leave the door open. Not hot!
After a lot of procrastinating I’m finally going to pull the trigger and buy a knot doorstop to solve this issue. I can drop one of these cottage-appropriate accessories at the door’s opening to give myself a good ~4” gap, allowing the warm air in but still allowing the door to block the view to the john.
Here are some other cool door stops I found online.

Olw Door Stop | Anthropologie
Horse & Eifle Tower | Origin Crafts
Green Rope Door Stop | Etsy
Beach Door Stop | Etsy

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