Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I Heart Cocoa

Last week it finally got cold enough for me to have my first cup of hot cocoa of the fall. This is one of my favorite guilty pleasures during the colder months (or cold spring/summer nights camping). Last year, Bethany and I even had a blind hot cocoa taste-test, where we unbiasedly selected a packet of Swiss Miss as the tastiest just-add-water cocoa against two other name brands. Yeah – we know we’re dorks.

Anyway, I finally got around to flipping through my Williams-Sonoma catalog and found myself zoned out on a two-page spread dedicated to this chocolaty treat. Yumms!!  I want to buy the Froth & Pour Hot Choclate Pot this year. At $30 it's not a tough sell.

I love most anything Ghirardelli (turtle brownies anyone?!). Whenever possible milk and cream should be used to make hot cocoa. If you're mixing this up at the office, try adding 2-3 creamers after the hot water. Fluff is a great addition but can be tricky to eat. Mini marshmallows = no brainer, if you've got'em then use'em. Whip cream, whatever kind you like, is also a welcome addition.
- Kate

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