Monday, October 3, 2011

Fall Food: Time To Start the Oven

If you’re living in Virginia like us then you’re probably stuck in the middle of the “do I, or don’t I?” debate over turning the heat on for the first time this season. I just got home from work and already I’m in sweats, slippers, a thermal and long sleeve robe. But I’m not complaining. I LOVE fall!!!!! It’s my favorite season and while some folks are sadly putting away their shorts and packing up their bbq grills – I’m gladly breaking out my sweaters and dusting off the crock pot.

It’s cool out there folks… and that means time for some delicious, falltastic treats. Here are some of my favorites that made a showing this past weekend.

Made a pot roast in my crock pot – yumms!! Pulled the recipe from Williams Sonoma’s Slow Cooker cookbook.
Baked a Streusel Kuchen for me and the hubby. I have some apple butter left over from last fall and am happily eating this on my streusel in between typing paragraphs.
Tea, tea and more tea. I love a good tea pot and cup. I have a stackable pot/cup from Crate & Barrel that a friend got me a couple years ago. It’s perfect for brewing tea for one (the hubs loathes tea). Paper Source has had some cute mugs in years past but could not track these down on their website.

- Kate

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  1. Just took out the crock pot heat on yet thankfully :)