Friday, September 9, 2011

Wanna go to England?

If you live in the PWC, you're probably sick of rain.  From the flash floods to the consecutive days of drawn-out mugginess, we're all wearing thin.   But with the rain comes the onset of fall and I, like so many of you, enjoy daydreaming up fall wardrobes.

When I think of my dream wardrobe, I always revert back to traditional English garb.  I adore the buttoned-up prepster vibe that is equal parts foxhunting and elbow grease hob knob old stuffy money.  I also adore equestrian style.  Leave the popped collar side of preppy at home; I'll take a beaten up waxed jacket and some corduroys any day.  I'm a horse girl through and through and I'd love for my style to reflect that. My pocketbook doesn't agree though.

Join me on a tour of England, or even Middleburg for that matter, while I google over a Anglophile fall fashion line up.

Bags are packed.
The essentials in tow.

In case we tromp through some fields.

I wish I could don a fedora, but my head looks jacked up whenever I try one on.  This style works much better.

And I'll also need to cinch up with this leather belt.

And you should always pack an extra layer.

OK, a bit tangential here, but I really need a [faux] fur number for the fall, and maybe even a formal and informal option.   One for a nice dinner out, and the other for a nice romp at the weekend home.

On the subject of night's out, let's throw in a pair of sweet leopard booties for good measure.  I won't wear both "animals" at once.

Add sprinkles on top.

And my hounds will match my horses (true story actually…) as both sport Baker blankets.

Tally Ho and Happy Friday, folks!

- Bethany


  1. Cute finds! Especially the hat and sweater.

  2. i would rather be in england at all times is pretty much my motto.
    i approve of all this. STARSTAMP!