Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Deep thoughts

I hear the weather in Virginia is beautiful. I'm on the other coast and also enjoying nice weather but wishing I could be home for it. Anyone planning any falltastic events like trips to pumpkin patches or apple picking? Can't wait to do some of those things! What is this winter supposed to be like? If it weren't for the friends and socialization that goes along with it, I would really despise football. It's only the beginning of the season and I feel suffocated. I've caught myself saying "here's the thing" alot lately and I think I sound like a chump. That goes for all others that say it, too. I really really like the tall palm trees in northern California. I think they look like they are running away from all the craziness close to the ground. They look a alot more serene than those in the south. I had some fabulous pink champagne on a recent trip and I would like to have some again. Say, right now? Ta Ta for now. - Bethany

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