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Interview Alert: Kristin from Love, Hadleigh Designs!!

We are kicking off 2011 with a new interview segment called "Interview Alert"! This week we welcome Kristin from Love, Hadleigh Designs. Kristin is a mommy, housewife and creator-extraordinaire from Prince William County. We featured one of her Christmas gift ideas last month and we can't wait to see what she's up to in the New Year. Here's a glimpse into her world:

" RHoPWC: What is your role like in the home?
Kristin: Oh where to begin... I'm kinda the glue that holds everything together! haha Being a "domestic engineer" is a lot harder than just staying at home watching soap operas....(which I hate by the way). My roll is simply "Mommy" & "Wife"...however in depth I'm head chef, maid, best friend, a psychologist (no I'm not "OFFICIALLY" qualified hehe) I'm a an ocd perfectionist who loves to have everything organized...my kids hate this.

RHoPWC: What's your typical day like?
Kristin: My typical day starts super early. My kids are early risers. I hate this about them! There are some days where I just wanna die because it's so early! But we get up and make breakfast...and get ready for school on the weekdays. Once I drive the big boys to school, my two home babies & I either run errands or we come home to start my long list of chores (and crafts). I like to have a list. Whenever I feel I'm falling behind on something I like to make a list. It ALWAYS keeps me organized. Once I get my chores done we have play time...and really play time also stretches before while doing all the housework. Brien LOVES to help...this fact makes me happy! Help with the things no one wants to do makes life easier...the kiddos (Brien & Hadleigh) both take a nap at noon...generally until around 2:30. Since we're a one car family at 2:30 I whisk away to get the hubs (lovingly referred to as Studley) & then the kids from school. Then it's home to relax with dinner (I LOVE cooking, baking and just being in the kitchen) & homework.

RHoPWC: How do you and the hubby make time for each other?
Juggling the schedule of 4 kids and a hubby is a workout in it's self. However deny me my alone time with Studley & I'm a very cranky person. You can tell we've been together for almost a decade...because alone time can mean watching Science Channel (which he lives by) relaxing on separate couches (while I crochet, knit or craft) while he explains to me ALL the things that baffle me. Studley is a human encyclopedia...he seems to know everything. I absolutely love spending time with him so this time is always made. He's my best friend and I couldn't go without just hanging out with him. I love watching movies with him on the couch...I'm less inclined to want to go OUT for a date night...The kids go to bed at 8 pm every night and we're both night owls so this time is allotted for "us" time. I think the more time you make for each other the stronger your relationship. This is very important to me…

[Kristin and Studley]

RHoPWC: What's your favorite spot (in PWC) when you decide to eat out?
Hmm...this is tricky. PWC is huge....our favorite spot with the kids is Red Robin...we don't even have to look at the menu there and the kids adore it. If it's a date night...hmm....well I'm totally drawing a blank! ha!

RHoPWC: How do you juggle kids and creative-time? When do your ideas and inspirations come to you?
Kristin: Oh this isn't as tricky as it seems...most of my creative time when I do the most work is done during the day during naptime. I know it doesn't seem like 3 hours is a lot...but focused 3 hours of work you can get A LOT done. However I do a lot of crocheting at night....The boys love to watch and generally we try and have a movie night so when they're watching I'm listening and working. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE having them help me. Inspiration happens anywhere. I was walking through Joann's one day and saw this fabric...it was white & grey...I love grey anything really & it had these adorable little birdcages on it...I LOVE birdcages (no there's no reason & I don't know why hehe) but it had these little girlie colored birds and all I could think was I need this...now it'll make a cute blanket for Hadleigh. It hits you when it hits you. My idea for the embroidery hoop fabric frames was because I looked at a blank wall and go...I've got some fabric that will look great there...how do I hang it without breaking the bank. (Studley HATES decorating....I say I want this and he goes why it doesn't serve a purpose! But he always has an opinion.) He is my biggest supporter & my biggest critic. I found this out when I started painting!

RHoPWC: What do you consider a 'luxury'?
Kristin: New purses. New shoes...really anything spent on "me"...I have such a problem buying things for myself. However get me in a store and I'll buy anything for the kids. I am a purse and shoe addict...Jason put me through rehab haha I haven't purchased a new purse in a year...however I did slide in some AMAZING heels. Heels are my weakness...I love them.

RHoPWC: What are some of your favorite blogs?
Kristin: Hmmm well obviously this one :):) To be honest...as sad as it sounds...I don't read many blogs... I love writing on mine and reading a few like Honeybear Lane, Tidy Nest & The Idea Room...but I don't spend much time reading them. I do say Honeybear Lane & her new one The Mom Uniform (this makes me laugh because I have NEVER fallen into this catagory) are fun to read.

Favorite color?
Kristin: I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Pink & grey. I wear a lot of black, pink, grey & blue....however I'm not going to lie I don't like to discriminate colors...except for lime green, certain colors of yellow & any orange color that isn't blue based....yes I am probably strange for this.

[handmade coasters by Love, Hadleigh Designs in her favorite colors!]
RHoPWC: Favorite place?
My favorite place...I love New York City and the beach. Ok that's it...the beach...relaxing in the sand & sun...best time ever. I love the sun. I'd make a terrible vampire....although I secretly wish I was one…

RHoPWC: Least favorite anything?
Least favorite anything....ZOMBIES. They creep me out. haha I'm sure this wasn't what you were thinking I'd answer huh? Well when you know me...I love horror anything...I'm in love with vampires. I have a beautiful fluffy white cat...her name is Lilith...named for Dracula's daughter. But zombies scare me...I'm still unsure why.

Thank you so much for this opportunity! I had a great time! Apparently I love talking about myself hahaha I came to the end and wish it wasn't over....sigh...

A big 'thank you' to Kristin for sharing with us her world :) Check out her tutorials and how-to's on Love, Hadleigh Designs.

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