Monday, January 17, 2011

The Afters!

Finally, the moment you all have been waiting for ... the "after" pics from my lighting exchange last weekend.

Here's the lantern in our foyer - boy does it put off some light.

Thank goodness, too, because the new track lighting fixture (despite having one more light) is really much dimmer than the previous one. I think it may be the halogen vs regular bulbs, which sounds counter intuitive, but its a real change. All in all, I have a ton of lighting in my home so other fixtures overcompensate. I just wonder how long it will last until I get fed up with dimmer light in my work areas (stove top, chopping station, sink, etc).

Here is the fabulous patch-up job my lighting guy had done. The drywall plaster is almost the same color as my 'daiquiri ice' walls, so it's hard to see. They use quick-dry concrete instead of joint compound, and applied three layers. In between layers, they used what only can be described as an industrial strength hair dryer to dry. Then, he feathered and sanded to my heart's content. Now, to apply the touch up paint. Let's hope it's still usable after the winter in my shed....

Happy Monday!


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