Sunday, January 2, 2011

Dump Day!

Today marks the start of the Christmas clean-up. Total snooze-fest but absolutely necessary. My house is a wreck, I have an entire room filled with laundry and boxes/wrapping supplies/gifts that has compounded each day because we've had to throw things in there to allow for guests and company. Time to tackle that mess.
[I am shuttering from embarrassment. I guess the only way to move forward is to fully admit the problem and begin the healing....]

Mess #2 - tree limbs. We've had a bunch of yard mess due to snowfall and rain and wind. Time to make a dump run. My life is so sexy...

We had the misfortune of a dead laptop on Christmas day... which was actually a blessing in disguise, because we had been wanting to make the swap from PC to Mac. This past weekend, we got a new MacBook and I've got some real configuring to do this afternoon.

Hopefully the hubby is off to watch football, so I can clean and re-orient my home. What are your plans for this dreary, lazy Sunday??



  1. I'm currently making fried bread dough and just finished cleaning the kitchen from the two parties we've had the past 2 days...then I just have laundry to finish and trash to the curb.

    I took down all the Christmas decorations and the tree yesterday and reorganized my storage closet...and am soooo happy I finally get to sit down and relax today.

    Late last night I was finishing this beautiful crocheted flower to put on yet another :) hat for Hadleigh!! She's so stylin'! Hopefully I'll be able to get some stuff on my blog here in the next few days!

    I can't stand Christmas clutter. I had Jason breaking down boxes and taking everything out of their boxes after gifts were open and then before we went to the in-laws the kids already had their new stuff put away...UGH! Poor guys hahaha Working on Christmas!

  2. that sounds awesome - you run a tight ship! i was breaking down boxes today to take to the dump. rock on with all the stuff you did. My husband didnt end up leaving the house, so I had him to contend with as I tried to clean and take Christmas down... only to have him ask in a super sweet kiddie voice if we could keep "Christmas" up for another week. I couldn't refuse...