Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Falltastic Smells

I love fall and ultimately what it leads to! I'd also LOVE to shower my home with falltastic scents and smells a la Yankee Candle or some other great pine, spice or pumpkin smell. Unfortunately for me, my husband is allergic to Yankees and very opinionated about the smell of our home (since smell is one of the strongest memories we have, it's often linked to likes or dislikes from childhood memories for us). And I totally understand, because I'd have a pretty strong opposition to scents like Vanilla, Rose and Powder-ish mixes - but fat chance he's going out to pick out those types of candles :)
I used to get totally bummed out because I wanted our apartments to smell (at least artificially) of Christmas trees and all of the fall trimmings since we couldn't have a live tree. So... I'll get to the point: I think I found a candle we could agree on. I was shopping in Old Town Alexandria this past weekend with my mom and we bought bought a small 1oz votive. I lit it when I got home and fell in LOVE. It's called Cinnamon Cider. I promptly found them online at Amazon for a great price and ordered two!

A great scent to give as a hostess gift or to deck out the rooms in your house with! Happy things to come this month and next !!!

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