Thursday, July 29, 2010

Beach, Names, Family Traditions

My favorite place in the entire world happens to be my namesake, Bethany Beach Delaware. I could travel the world over and visit exotic or old-world places, but there is nowhere I'd rather be than on the quiet beaches of Bethany. My family colonized there during the 50's and have since passed down bungalows, cottages and homes on the Delaware shore. I've been fortunate enough to visit our family cottage about three times a year, since I was a twinkle in my mother's eye. Now that we face pretty tough family decisions on the fate of our home on the shore, I can only reminisce about the glorious childhood and life memories I've made there. I can still smell the mint bush outside of our first family cottage on Layton Drive, I'll never forget making jellyfish stew from unsuspecting jellies in Assawoman Bay, riding my bike up to town to get doughnuts, falling in the bumper boat water at Jolly Roger (on purpose of course... I was born half-guppy). I love the smell of the beach house - now migrated about a mile down from Layton Drive, our family has settled in a nice quiet bay side neighborhood, with three houses signifying the different branches from my paternal great-grandparents. As you walk in the house now, your nose picks up stale salty air and hints of the bay and ocean breeze off the water out the back door. There's nothing like it on earth.
One of my favorite things about Bethany is knowing you have arrived when you spot the token Totem Pole as you coast up Rt. 26 and enter the tiny beach town. The totem pole has had a few different variations over my almost 30 years and is held near and dear to most locals and repeat vacationers. As I contemplate my future and the future of our vacations, I stumbled across the best idea EVER! I don't plan to procreate with my wonderful husband; instead we dream of an army of English Bulldogs and various pet-a-pet farm animals (well, that's more my dream -- but he's on board with guinea hens, teacup pigs and mini donkeys and a couple of horses). So when we decide to have our next [Bulldog] child, I am hoping and praying I can convince said hubby to name him 'Totem'. Not to be mistaken with the crazy, drugged up Tatum O'Neal (although she did star in my second favorite movie of all time - International Velvet). Totem sounds befitting of a new age name to be decidedly different and meaningful nonetheless, and it also embodies my favorite place in the world and the wooden gatekeeper at the entrance.
Sharing some pictures of Mr. Totem, aka "Chief". The first image is of The Chief being carried in to replace the former Chief in 2002. Carrying on a family tradition and naming my next child after my beach, just as my parents named me after their favorite place on earth. I am only two trips in this summer and am greatly and longingly looking forward to our 10 days there in September. Happy Summer folks :)



  1. Anonymous30 July, 2010

    So well put, daughter! I love you and your beautiful words....and our coveted times together at OUR beach.