Tuesday, April 13, 2010

have you seen these earrings???

If you watched the 2009 Oscars, and you are not a movie-buff (like me!), the most memorable moment was probably when Angelina showed up in those drop-dead gorgeous emerald earrings. Make no mistake, I'm no Angelina-lover. And if I'm being honest I generally hate on her more than it's worth........but I'll never forget these earrings!!! She had me at HELLOOOOooo emerald boulders. You may end up googling these earrings and stumble across my post, because of the sheer amount of pictures I posted to pay full homage to those emerald creations. Total stalker material here, but really just indulging in my infinite infatuation of these puppies. Probably because green is my favorite color in the whole world!

I'm totally refraining from slanderous comments about home wrecking and Team Jen. I'll even avoid commenting on her rather long forehead with this "do". Just find me some of these earrings, please! Can't you just imagine any LBD being totally vamped up with this va va voom green sparkly accessory? I mean, there's no way to describe how purely kelly-green-with-the-slightest-tint-of-aqua-blue these gems are. The closest I came to finding a fairly decent impostor was on HSN - Roberta Chiarella's "Best Dressed" earrings. I'm seriously pondering a virgin order with HSN...
These rocks can stretch my lobes any day.

Off to find my old black number that will pair well with these, at my next formal affair (few and far between, folks).

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