Tuesday, April 20, 2010

feel good flicks

'Evening Blogospherians!

I'm laying in bed thinking, and I stumble across a memory of watching 'Julie and Julia' this past year. At the time I was thinking it was a bit hard to press through given the sheer length of the film, coupled with the day-by-day coverage on the recipes she followed. But now as I fondly recall the movie, I'm left with a wonderful feeling. I really liked that movie, and it made me feel good at the end. I may have to add it in to my rotation of movies to pull out on a rainy day (or a lonely evening that flanks a funky day). So far, my list includes 'Something to Talk About', 'The Holiday', 'Something's Gotta Give' and omigosh, I can't wait until 'It's Complicated' comes out on video (errr, DVD/blu-ray). Looks like there's a theme with these Nancy Meyer's set designs that brings out my innermost warm-fuzzies. Except for 'Julie and Julia' - that just made me feel... normal. I bust my tail to get dinner on the table, and to be adventurous in the kitchen. But sometimes, I just wanna cry, and sometimes (ehhh.. maybe a lot of the times) I pick a fight because I'm cranky and don't wanna cook. Sound familiar?

(As I'm looking at these pics from my favorite 'flicks', I'm thinkin Nancy Meyers is a bit of a two-trick pony. She seems to do The Hamptons and Coastal California really well. Not that I mind, of course because I find it all immensely soothing and refreshing)

I can also get a quick-fix by turning on the TV and watching Ina Garten for a bit. When a movie is too intimidating to start, because of the late hour, or a long to-do list - I can turn on the Barefoot Contessa for a half an hour, and get that warm fuzzy feeling by watching her chop veggies and make a fabbo vegetable bisque. Doesn't hurt that her house/kitchen/barn for filming her show looks like a Nancy Meyer's set in a movie. I'd actually like to go stay at Ina's house as an overnight guest. I bet she has cashmere robes for each of her guests, so they can don it while eating their berry parfait in the morning.

Wouldn't you like to wake up here?

As I think about who may read my words, I realize my feeling are mirroring Julie's in the movie as she starts out on her blog adventure. To quote Conan O'Brien - to the three guys (gals in this case) who actually read our words - thank you and goodnight :)



  1. Nice Beebs:
    Never rule out the old school girlie classics:
    Steel Magnolias, Fried Green Tomatoes and my epic fave: Sense and Sensibility. Oh and don't forget Bridget Jones.

  2. Anonymous03 July, 2010

    I absolutely love Nancy Meyers movies... my all time favs chick flicks. Nice posts! Keep it up!