Monday, February 22, 2010

APB - A Liberia Special!

This is an all-points bulletin to all of the PW County residents . I have become increasingly enamored with two low-maintenance food establishments as of late, and want to share a recommendation if you're looking for either sweet or savory.

First up is Bella Vita Italian Eatery. They are located in the shopping center on Liberia Avenue in Manassas that includes the Longhorn Steakhouse and the Zips Dry Cleaners. You wouldn't think that an Italian restaurant in a strip-mall would be the hot-spot for down home Italian eats, but my husband and I have been there three times in the last month and have been nothing but dazzled each time. They make their own mozzarella cheese fresh daily, and it adds a layer of freshness to each of their dishes. I used to be a steadfast fan of the City Tavern's cheese sticks which touted gooey cheese and a great crunch, prior to your meal. Gone are those days! BV's Mozzarella Sticks far surpass the Tavern's.

They have excellent, fresh food, great prices and large portion-sizes. I have gotten two meals out of each entree I have ordered! I personally commend anyone who can feed myself and my husband for under $40! (and that's with appetizer, garlic rolls, salads and a to-go meal for a family member at home). The food is high quality Italian, with an extensive menu to capture all tastes. I love a good surprise restaurant - and Bella Vita has my vote. Can't wait to try the Elvis Panini next go-round.

My second suggestion is just a quick stop - Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt. They are also located on Liberia Avenue, in the shopping center directly across from Bella Vita. Tutti Frutti shares the philosophy of popular West Coast yogurt chain, Pinkberry, where they pride themselves on serving up a great frozen treat that is good for you. TF generally serves a handful of different flavored frozen yogurts to choose from, followed by an entire "fixins" bar of toppers. My personal favorite is the Pineapple yogurt with the assorted fruit jellies and Fruity Pebbles cereal on top. The best part is, for a half-cup it's only 100 calories! I'd recommend stopping in to grab a taste. If you are used to TCBY or other creamy frozen yogurt, you might be in for a bit of a surprise. Much like Pinkberry, this yogurt is a bit more tart. If you can stand a jolt on your taste buds, this refreshing treat is fabulous even in the dead of winter. And the priobiotic benefits of yogurt help maintain their 'good-for-ya' vibe.


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