Friday, December 9, 2011

A PWC Wifey Christmas List

In our family Christmas is the favorite holiday by far  (I'm pretty sure we're not along on that one)  Great feasts with equally-food-loving family members, quality time with relatives and dare I say, overindulging…

Whether that means overeating or overbuying, overindulgence is a Christmas commonality for us.  Every year we start by saying we aren't going to go 'big' on Christmas this year and every year we fall into the same trap. That's why this year, I said you know what, we go big at Christmastime, it's just WHAT WE DO.  Let's just own it and not look back or fret about the money we [over]spend on each other.  After all, it's once a year and it's everyone's favorite time.  Let's not harp on why we do it, let's just enjoy what we gift and receive and call is a [Christmas] day.

To that end,  I'm sharing my wishlist with you folks this year. I told my friends I need to work a bit harder on smelling better this year.  I don't smell bad (I don't think…) I just want to smell BETTER.  I'm out of my favorite smelly stuff, so onto the list it went.  Plus the other average things girls want - shoes, make-up and wallpaper (what, you aren't asking for wallpaper this year, too?).

- Bethany

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