Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Great Christmas Light Debate

I'm pretty sure if you were to poll people about their Christmas light color preference, 99% of women would say they prefer white lights while 99% of men prefer colored lights.

This was the unofficial verdict when I did a silly Facebook post about our light debate this past weekend.

Hubs: "Are we putting colored lights on the tree this year??"

Me: " No, I want to put white ones on"

Hubs: "BUT WHY? Colored lights are so much better!"

Me: "Colored lights are tacky.  White lights are classy."

Hubs: "Christmas isn't supposed to be classy.  It's supposed to be fun!"

Touche, dear hubster, touche.

So what's a gal to do?  Veto his preference completely and opt for white lights on the tree?  Seems like a good idea…

But to be fair, I tried to reason with him.  "We can do colored lights outside {oh God, people will see those even MORE} and white lights on the tree"

Nope.  Still wants colored lights on the tree.

This won't be settled tonight…

What's YOUR preference?




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  1. I like to alternate, some years white lights, some colored... I admit colored lights rekindle the kid in all of us! Good luck , but have a fun time decorating :)


  2. We just got our first legit tree, with prelit white. And it wasn't until we got it set up that my husband goes "I didn't even think to consider colored, I wonder if we should have done that?" And I quickly told him we did the right choice. We already have quirky ornaments so I think colored lights would make it over the top and the ornaments wouldn't stand out enough.

  3. HA HA! Good defense, team!

  4. Becca Maguire07 December, 2011

    Oh. My. Gosh.

    I thought it was just us.

    MY hubs would prefer the BIG colored lights {shudder} - which thankfully he does not know still exist - since he hasn't been shopping since the last millenium.

  5. LOL Becca! We were driving home from Charlottesville today and alot of the country homes had colored lights lining their roofs and fences and my hubs felt totally vindicated in his decision...

  6. Thankfully my husband and I agree on this, white lights! We did add a splash of colored lights outside this year. I believe they are ok in moderation.