Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bedroom Breakthrough (no, not like that you sicko!)

I've kind of been boycotting blogging last week (as you may have noticed) but I decided to give these ole fingers some exercise tonight.

I saw this picture tonight on Pinterest (btw, if you haven't signed up, you should.  It's all my mom and I can seem to talk about when we get together. "Did you see that picture of that sequined wedding dress?"…."YES! And did you see that picture of the salted caramel frosting?".)

So back to this picture ... it hit me like a ton of bricks.  Yeah it's pretty, but the northern hemisphere of this photo is what got me. I've been trying to re-do my master bedroom and hit a bit of a roadblock while trying to pick the perfect wallpaper.  I've started to re-energize the project, being close to sure about a wallpaper finally and just bought some new mirrored chests for beside my bed and put some rectangle mirrors up on the wall behind the chest to really amplify the light; and purchased a new focal light fixture for the ceiling.  I had been at a total loss as to what to put on the wall above my bed because nothing seemed to make sense with it being blocked in on either side by mirrors.  See idea board below.

Don't judge [yet].  I haven't settled on a wallpaper and I definitely haven't dressed the bed how I plan to. This is just to give you a frame of reference.

So, I think the headboard solves the problem.   My current headboard is a camel-back.   If I just bump it up a little higher on the wall OR make the shape more pronounced, I can get away with not having ANYTHING on the wall above my bed.   Problem solved.   Now to settle the wallpaper debate, for real, and to find a new fabric to recover my headboard with! 

What rooms are you working on right now?


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