Friday, September 23, 2011

Week in Review

As you may or may not know, Kate and I have been hella busy this week starting our new gigs (so crazy it happened to be at the same time!).  While I miss working with her in the office everyday, at least we only live a couple of miles from each other.  
We usually like to do an 'Etsy Faves' post at the end of the week, but I'm gonna go ahead and break it down for you all and give you a lil' somethin' special.

1 - Local Alert - have you checked out Olivia Bloom?  It's headed up by a local gal who sources unique and totally cute kiddie clothing.  And while you are there - check out another local chickie's photos that showcase Olivia Bloom's threads - Randi Honey Morgan from Honey and Child.  Her portfolio is mostly baby headshots, but I thought this was an adorable outtake.

I went to high school with Randi (in Prince William County!) and she married a childhood friend of mine, but I never knew how talented she is until I stumbled across her cutesy-pie headbands in her Etsy store

2 - My friend sent me the latest Bloggess post today and I thought she deserves a big ups.  If you haven't read that shiz, check her out, she talks about pet drool, weirdo convo's with the hubby and all kinds of relevant stuff that us women folk deal with.  And BTW - just the header alone begs a read.

3 - Apparently Kate (RHoPWC) is off the sauce now (coffee, you freaks..).  Give her a big round of applause.  Me on the other hand - not so much.
4 - I MISSED THE EMMY'S.  Oh well, all I needed to see what the glitz, so the photos kinda did it for me the next day.  Here's my summary.  Did Katie Holmes just roll out of bed?  Why were the nude sparkly dresses so amazebuckets?  How come Christina Hendricks and Kate Winslet are the only women who ACTUALLY look like real women?  Whoa Julie Bowen - hot!  And Heidi Klum wore a peony from Seal's garden. 

5 - I had to fire my assistant, after only 4 DAYS, for goofing off on the job. (I work from home now)


Happy Friday, folks!

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