Thursday, August 25, 2011

rando ramblings

I dislike the steampunk movement.  I feel like Helena Bonham-Carter violated Father Time.

QUICK, change of scenery.  I cannot wait to get to the beach for our vacation, it's taken way too long to get here this year.  I'm pretty much treating myself to a large slice of Smith Island Cake and a bushel of blue crabbers while looking out over this pretty body of water.

Lastly but probably most importantly, I NEED YOUR HELP. I have to find a chair for my office and I need to find it pretty quickly.  I have a lil something in mind but I can't seem to find just the right thing.  I want distressed leather, preferably whiskey/vachetta or saddle leather brown and I'd like it to have some personality. Not just a club chair or a dining chair or something non-descript.  Campaign, English, MCM...anything.  Any of you design gurus have any ideas??   Here's the feel I want from this chair:

I'm crazy for this chair, if only it were for sale!
 A MCM chair in consideration, from Wisteria.

 This should be easy enough to find on eBay or CL... but it escapes me!

The end-all-be-all chair, but just don't know if it's comfy (from Restoration Hardware).  Some solid options as far as leather chairs go, but still not loving the rest of their vibe.

Anything, ladies?




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  2. I KNEW YOUD COME THRU JENNY!!!!!! I was just on Jayson Home and Garden this AM and I think thats where its gonna havta be. Thanks!