Monday, August 8, 2011

Famous Busted Mug Spouses

Happy Monday, wifeys.  

By now you've all heard the J.Lo/Mark Anthony news, to which I'm sure your wifey hearts are breaking.  It's always sad to hear when folks throw in the towel, but certainly not shocking when it comes to Hollywood breakups.

ANYwastewater, I read the best headline the other day regarding the split, questioning "Was he too ugly?".  There might be a little truth to that (and don't act like you didn't think that when they first got together).  Moving past my apparent obsession with all things J.Lo lately (did you see this?). I'll also offer up this insightful article on attraction especially in celebrities by none other than The Daily Beast; comparing marriage to a swap meet, where men and women barter for fair trade on things like smarts, physique and financial status. The article goes on to analyze attractiveness of counterparts in a marriage, from both an evolutionary and stereotype perspective.

So,I'd like to post pics of all the ugly celebrity spouses out there but I'm thinking maybe that's bad karma, so I'll just post my favorite.

 [too soon?]

No really, that was just an unflattering picture.  Here's my real fave:

Who are your top ugly mug picks? 


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