Friday, February 4, 2011

Haters Gonna Hate

As suspected the week ended on a sour note. Thank goodness for Kate and carpooling, without which, I would probably explode from drama and petty BS. As I was trudging down to the barn tonight to feed the horses, I realized I really do have it pretty good. I'm all set. Who cares about piddle-y drama and dumb work stuff. There are always going to be crazies out there, every one knows one, works with one and runs to hide from one. I just gotta keep my chin up and cherish the healthy relationships that I have. Hater's always gonna hate.

[Tom Cruise hates on everything from Ritalin to Brooke Shields to psychiatry to non-Scientologists]

[Sammi hatefulheart hates on anything with boobs]

[Kate Gosselin lives in Hatersville…]

[haters might actually band together and stone Cedric to death]

[ha aaaaaaaaaater mchaterton Danielle Staub]

[serial hater…]



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