Tuesday, February 15, 2011


It's been one year since the inception of the Real Housewives of Prince William County blog and to ride the wave from Valentine's Day love, we wanted to celebrate our year in blog posts. We've also made mention of the overhaul we are looking to do on our blog in 2011 - hence the snoozefest format on the homepage and our lack of snazzy designs. We want to reinvent our page, capture a larger audience and share our stories and love for all things style. Not just Prince William County and wife life :) While we finalize that, we'd like to pay homage to 2010 and our first year in the blogosphere by summarizing it with pop culture milestones that we remember from the last year:

Celeb with the most face-time:

[you go girl! you don't need that scum...]
Most played song:

Most Awesome YouTube video:

Favorite New Artist:

Most Celebrated TV Show:

(I refuse to list Glee, alright? MF is all-around way better)

Most dished about dish:

Movie of 2010:

Men's Fashion Trend:
[btw, totally check out http://www.denimblog.com/, just found this pic there and it's AWESOME]

Women's Fashion Trend:

Wine(s) of the year:
Out with the malbec, in with the pinot noir
Peace out rose, grenache took over
Pinot grigio was whited out by sauvignon blancs
Bye bye moscato, hello prosecco
Who can keep up??

[I didn't say most attractive hairstyle]

We want to hear from you on your year and your 'favorites' and the most popular moments according to YOU. And most importantly,dear readers, we thank you for your support in 2010. We hope to surprise you, make you laugh and surpass your expectations in 2011. Thanks for a great year!

-Bethany and Kate

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