Friday, January 14, 2011

window shopping 1.0

New Year = New Year's Resolution. That would be to pay down some debt I've accumulated this past year. But just when I make a conscious decision to make heftier credit card payments, I feel the scales tip in terms of need/want to shop! One of the things I love about reading blogs is the scenery and the wares. It's just like shopping, almost. I get to go see eye-candy. But then I want to purchase said eye candy. So I am going to try to relieve my itch to shop by posting the lovelies that I am lusting after currently.
I'm so happy MoS was touting Talbot's comeback - I've been digging (and scooping up) their work-wear this year!

[love this rose silk top - wore it today actually! their sales are GREAT]

[also got this one - it feels GLORIOUS]

[I'm jonesing for this "Glamourak" for spring-- maybe I'll wait for a sale]

[ I am saving up, for quite some time I might add, for the creme tone-on-tone wallpaper in the leopard pattern from Porter Teleo]

[cutest metallic pillow from Dwell at Furbish]

[I neeeeeeeeeeeed these pencils for my desk!]

[ neeeeed this light fixture for the front of my house ]

[these espadrilles from Calypso St. Barth would be super cute with white jeans this spring]

[I have a place right on my console for all of these opal glass vases]

[cute tray for my entry also from Furbish]

[this runner would be great in my kitchen, also from Calypso]

[OK OK, resort-wear is top of mind, too. This Tommy Bahama cover-up needs me to wear it]

[ this might be the top most-viewed image on design blogs right now but I'm not done looking at it!]

[this would look cute on my wrist, while I saunter up to the bar in my leopard cover-up in The Bahamas....]

[Tory's would complete the look]

Happy Friday, folks!

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