Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Blogger I'm Diggin..

Ok ladies, cover your ears (and eyes) if you have a weak stomach or are offended by heaps of cursing.

I am in LOVE with this blogger: MFAMB. Jenny (Chief Blog Exec) has awesome color commentary and just about everything in life; be it face cream, fashion or design. And you may not want to read it while your kiddos sit on your lap (I mean, there's a link at the top saying "MFABM, you say *%$& alot"...) but this is the ultimate guilty pleasure while you unwind with a glass of wine in the evening (kinda like sneaking off to another room to watch Kendra or 16 and Pregnant). I generally laugh out loud at least once per blog post.

Big ups to Jenny at My Favorite and My Best.


  1. One of "my favorites and my best!"love that Jenny!:)

  2. i keep seeing the name Zhush and i just love it! thanks for stopping by, i love your blog!!

  3. You have such an adorable blog