Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Best Light Show in PWC!

If you have some time and like to go look at light displays during the holiday season, I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend driving by our good friends' Mike and Teresa Anderson's home for the best display in town.

They've received a lot of recognition for their hard work and they graciously share the fruits of their labor (and lemme tell you, it's some serious labor getting this show ready) for all to enjoy. The show is completely free but I'd encourage you to leave a donation (even if it's just a dollar or two) to help them prepare to make it bigger and better every year -- not to mention the thousands of dollars they pay the electric company to make it happen. And, if you're stopping by on the weekends, Santa is usually sitting in the gazebo taking pictures with the kiddies. Click here for the details.
The Andersons
15615 Bushey Drive
Woodbridge, VA
(off of Cardinal Drive)


  1. how nice! thanks for the heads up, well probably head out that way tomorrow to let out little man check it out!

  2. oh you should! and if you're out that way, Mike's brother, Andy, has an equally great light show just down the road. Take Cardinal towards Rt. 1, about 2-3 miles and take a right on Donald Curtis Dr. Go about a mile up the road (veer right at curve at the Church) and the houses are on the right -- yes, houses! :)

  3. Wow!! That's impressive. Wish I could see them in person!

  4. wooohooo we go every year! I just love them!!