Friday, November 5, 2010


Finally Friday! Today I feel like a nice cup of Concord Grape gelato from Pitango in Reston Town Center and my leftovers of Shepherd's Pie from last night's meal. Too bad I forgot the leftovers, but at least my work is near RTC!

Just wanted to share some images that hit home this week. After the Washington International Horse Show last week, I have horses on the brain (oh, and kittens)! I saw a wonderful blog post that reminded me of these fantastic porcelain wonders that I saw in the latest issue of my decor mags. I think these would love GREAT in my china cabinet ... uhhh, or in my cabinets for now.

And as I watched the Musical Freestyle exhibition at the horse show, I found myself with tears streaming down my eyes because it was so beautiful. While I can't find a video of the performance I watched, here's a good one to check out to see the beauty of rider and horse moving to the music!

And the last picture to leave you with. The Puissance is basically like a high-jump contest, where the height of the wall is increased in increments of 4 inches every time the contestant(s) clear it successfully at the current height. I believe the world record is 7 feet, 7 inches!

Oh, and there is was this fabulous vendor supplying a Horse Show Ribbon quilt for the silent auction at the show, and I was totally inspired! My mom has tons of storage containers filled with my ribbons from my horse show days, and I'm not really interested in hanging them along the walls as I did in my youth. These quilts are such a work of art, and any competitor would be proud to have one. I may try to do something along these lines... but with a twist. At any rate - if you have old ribbons from 4-H shows or Spelling Bees or even from the horse show circuit, you can google "Ribbon Quilts" and find many websites specializing in this stuff!

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