Friday, November 12, 2010

Onion Soup Recipe!

We just finished this amazing English Onion Soup recipe by Jamie Oliver. I HIGHLY recommend trying it! It's just like the French rendition but with leeks, cheddar and sage. And top it off with a dab (really, just a dab, more than one drop is too overpowering) of Worcestershire sauce.

It's easy and quick enough to make that it would be a great thing to serve for an informal dinner guest with some sandwiches. I had a few glasses of Pellegrino with it, and the effervescence of the water really balanced out the sweetness of the onions. My husband used beef stock, but he actually recommends chicken or vegetable stock (recently watched the episode of At Home with Jamie Oliver..).

Jamie's Onion Soup

Happy Friday evening y'all!


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