Monday, June 7, 2010

Got Milk? Part Deux

My misfortune turned out to have a silver-lining - we do get milk delivery in Prince William County!!!

Lucky for me, my email was answered by the lovely Samantha Stern of Holy Cow Milk Delivery. Samantha and Tim Stern are cousins of the folks up at South Mountain Creamery and operate their own (uncertified but totally organic) farmette out near Winchester, VA. They offer delivery of South Mountain's milk and dairy, as well as their own meats and products from their farm.

The only down side? There is a slight markup on the products, since they have to go get the milk from central Maryland and then deliver it to us PWC'ers. All in all, still a fantastic service for those of us who want to be smarter about what we put in to our bodies. Please check this friendly family out - they are at the Manassas Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings and offer speedy Saturday deliveries for our area. The milk, service and prices cannot be beat! Plus, you are supporting local farming and our economy closer to home. Holy Cow, I love Holy Cow!
PS - don't forget to try their amazing uncured smoked bacon. Nothing better than waking up to the hubby cooking some ripe bacon on a Saturday morning. At first glance, the strips appear small, but that's because there is very little fatty filler left on the bacon strip to play tricks on your eyes :)


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