Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Stilettos Optional

If you live in Prince William County then there’s a good chance that it’s not where you work. On snowy days like today a girl’s gotta ask herself, “Can I pull off the 4-inch heels or am I downgrading to jeans and snow boots?” After 5-inches of snow and a glance at my busted up car, I’m opting for the jeans and boots. During an hour long commute (one way) a lot can happen; accident, car breaks down, slide off the road, heater stops working. Anything’s possible.

It was so nice to see my fellow PW County colleague at work rock’n the same gear. Now, if only my jeans weren’t too big on me and my sleeves weren’t too short. I see shopping in my future!


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  1. CEO of my own business, sporting a new trendy haircut, and mucking out the barn -I may be one of the original PWC housewives; loving my life, my small 'farmette', and being able to jump on the beltway to immediate galleries and shopping!